Inca Jungle E.I.R.L. Tour Operator to Machupicchu and Perú main destination was founded with nothing more than a strong desire to create an authentic Peruvian Agency, embodying the rich diversity of tradition, adventure and mystery that makes Perú such a fascinating country to visit. Many foreign operators take advantage of these natural qualities and sell them for the wrong reasons, but our travel agency was born in Cusco, Peru, land of the Incas, and will always remain the closest possible and more faithful to local communities and Peruvian culture without compromises; on the contrary, we try to celebrate and share the fantastic heritage of our great nation on every given occasion.

Adventure Travel is our Passion

There is something for everyone and more of what you’re looking for at our agency. Think about discovering lush landscapes in a sustainable way like no one else in the world has ever experienced.
This is our way of life and we love what we do! Inca Jungle E.I.R.L. Perú was founded on an undisputed passion for discovery and adventure and the desire to share our knowledge and experiences with others.

We’re Personal

As a smaller company we are able to remain customer focused and provide you with a far more personalised service than our larger competitors. We pride ourselves on our personal, approachable service, from your initial enquiry all the way through to the small, but essential details in your adventure to Perú.

We’re Knowledgeable

We have meticulously researched and experienced everything we offer and continuously tweak our itineraries to offer you the most satisfying journey imaginable!
Our Peruvian travel agency will always remain the closest possible and more faithful to local communities and Peruvian culture without compromises.

Quality – No Compromises

Quality is the backbone of every one of our tours. We are not content with mediocrity and cutting corners is not an option. That means that we enjoy our trips, we include the best destinations; we seek out the finest trails available; and when providing a tour we insist on the highest standards of quality, not the cheapest.

Delicious Meals

Our cooks regularly receive rave reviews from our clients for the meals they prepare!
Our meals include generous and delicious breakfasts, snacks, lunches, tea services and dinners that we can adapt to your specific requests, like a vegetarian option, at no extra cost.

Up to Date Equipment

Nights will be spent camping under the stars along the Trail in our own high-quality tents and camping equipment, set up and maintained by our trusty support staff, meaning you don’t have anything other than the trek itself to focus on.

We Work with the Best

Inca Jungle E.I.R.L. maintains exceptionally high standards and we ensure that we only work with the best. Our guides and suppliers in Peru have years of experience, training, and in-depth local knowledge and, most of all, a passion to share their experiences with you.

Original Itineraries, Authentic Experiences

Our itineraries are original. We firmly believe that we offer an authentic South America experience, taking you on a genuine, once in a lifetime holiday. Leaving no leaf unturned we’re constantly on the look out for new destinations and experiences to share with our fellow adventurers.

We’re Responsible

At the core of every trip and destination that Inca Jungle E.I.R.L. offers is the ethos of responsible travel and tourism. A successful trip is one that leads our clients on an unforgettable journey and also benefits the communities and areas we visit.
Simply put, we strive to leave as little impact on the culture, local communities and fragile environments as we go to. We encourage you to do the same. Fueled by our social projects, we truly believe the core values inherent of those social actions shape the way we are doing business today.

Your Safety is our Highest Priority

At Inca Jungle E.I.R.L., we take the responsibility and safety of our clients and trip leaders very seriously.
We strongly advise you to purchase travel insurance that covers accidents, medical expenses and emergency repatriation, including rescue and air ambulance. We also recommend that it covers cancellations and loss of luggage. Please forward a copy/ policy number to our offices.
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Small Group Sizes

Small group sizes equals more interaction with locals, less intrusion, and potential for more adventure, as well as allowing for the spontaneous and magical moments that occur while traveling, all while making less of an impact on the places we visit. We keep group sizes to a maximum of 12 people on overseas trips unless it is a private group tour.

We are Fun!

We at Inca Jungle E.I.R.L. believe that the best advertisment is a happy client. Here are some comments from few of our guests: TRIP ADVISOR

Guaranteed Departures

All of our trips are guaranteed to run. Feel confident that you can arrange your insurance, flights and other travel arrangements, knowing that your trip is guaranteed to depart.

Price Guarantee

There is a guaranteed ‘no price increase’ on your trip price after you have paid your deposit.

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